1993-2004 Yamaha 350 Warrior Install Dynojet


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Q406.002 This is Groove # 1 Fig. A Fig. B Mixture Screw Remove Slide Plate Screws Remove The Lift Arm Screw 1. Remove top carb plate. Remove the slide lift arm screw and the two needle plate screws. Flip the linkage forward and remove the slide (Fig. A). 2. Install Dynojet needle on groove #4 for applications below 5000 feet, groove #3 for above 5000 feet, using all stock spacers. 3. Remove the stock main jet and replace with the Dynojet main jet provided. If you are running the stock exhaust, use the DJ134 below 3000 feet, DJ130 from 3000 to 6000 feet and DJ126 above 6000 feet. If you are running an aftermarket exhaust, use the DJ136 below 3000 feet, DJ132 from 3000 to 6000 feet and DJ128 above 6000 feet. Be sure that the jet you are changing is the main jet. Discard the plastic cup that is on the stock main jet. 4. Locate the Fuel Mixture Screw (Fig.B). Using a flat blade screwdriver, turn the mixture screw clockwise until it seats, then turn out 2 1/2 turns.

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