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1. Remove all dirt, mud, dust and foreign material before removal and disassembly. 2. Use proper tools and cleaning equipment. Refer to the “SPECIALTOOLS” section. 3. When disassembling the machine, always keep mated parts together. This includes gears, cylinders, pistons and other parts that have been “mated” through normal wear. Mated parts must always be reused or replaced as an assembly. 4. During machine disassembly, clean all parts and place them in trays in the order of disassembly. This will speed up assembly and allow for the correct installation of all parts. 5. Keep all parts away from any source of fire. EB101010 REPLACEMENT PARTS 1. Use only genuine Yamaha parts for all replacements. Use oil and grease recommended by Yamaha for all lubrication jobs. Other brands may be similar in function and appearance, but inferior in quality. EB101020 GASKETS, OIL SEALS AND O-RINGS 1. Replace all gaskets, seals and O-rings when overhauling the engine. All gasket surfaces, oil seal lips and O-rings must be cleaned. 2. Properly oil all mating parts and bearings during reassembly. Apply grease to the oil seal lips.
GEN INFO IMPORTANT INFORMATION 1-3 EB101030 LOCK WASHERS/PLATES AND COTTER PINS 1. Replace all lock washers/plates 1and cotter pins after removal. Bend lock tabs along the bolt or nut flats after the bolt or nut has been tightened to specification. EB101040 BEARINGS AND OIL SEALS 1. Install bearings and oil seals so that the manufacturer’s marks or numbers are visible. When installing oil seals, apply a light coating of lightweight lithium base grease to the seal lips. Oil bearings liberally when installing, if appropriate. 1Oil seal Do not use compressed air to spin the bearings dry. This will damage the bearing sur- faces. 1Bearing CAUTION: EB101050 CIRCLIPS 1. Check all circlips carefully before reassembly. Always replace piston pin clips after one use. Replace distorted circlips. When installing a circlip 1, make sure that the sharp-edged corner 2is positioned opposite the thrust 3 it receives. See sectional view

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