2005 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe speedo Healer Installation Manual


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The speed sensor is on the left side (looking from the back towards the front of the motorcycle). Just FYI, here is the speed sensor coming off of the drive shaft behind the left saddlebag. The speed sensor connection for the Speedo Healer is behind this red cover. Take off the seat. There are two screws. One pointed out by the arrow and one on the opposite side. Also, remove the screw on the red cover. After removing the screw on the red cover, remove the cover by pulling it straight away from the bike. It is held on by 2 rubber grommets. The arrow points to the speed sensor coupler. Pull the connection apart. There is a little tab holding the connector together that will need to be depressed in order to get it apart.Hook the SH harness into the appropriate connectors. It only goes one way. The Yamaha plug and go kit works perfectly with no splicing required. Here is a close-up of the connection. Run the cable up under the bar towards the battery and hook the wires up to the Speedo Healer unit. The speedo healer fits nicely right behind the battery. You can barely see it next to the intercom. Note, none of the wires in this example have been secured yet. Put the red cover back on. Figure out the error that needs to be adjusted and make the adjustments to the Speed Healer per their instructions. Put the seat back on and you’re good to go. Be sure to verify that your adjustment was correct before believing your speedometer to be accurate. With the right adjustment, it will be, but don’t wait for a cop to tell you that you miscalculated! The electronic cruise control was not affected by the installation of this unit. I ended up setting mine to -7.5% after chasing my wife’s ’03 Vue for a couple of times. I ended up reading 59mph to her 60mph (previously it read 65mph to her 60mph) which is right where I wanted it since her speedometer reads a little fast, too. My back tire is about halfway worn. Your adjustment may vary

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