2006 2007 Yamaha R6 Front Brake Line Kit INSTALLATION


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Identify the key components that complete our brake line kit: You should have two (2) hoses, one (1) double banjo bolt, two (2) single banjo bolts, and one (1) zip ties. There are also a total of nine (9) washers. Seven (7) will be used, and two (2) are spares. Step 2: To ensure no paint damage from a brake fluid spill, completely cover the front end of the bike. This process can be messy, and brake fluid WILL drip! Step 3: After drying out the OEM brake system, uninstall stock hoses. Take note of how the stock system was routed in case you need to re-install it. Please note there is a plastic shield on the lower triple clamp of most models; we took this piece off to ease installation. Step 4: Install the right and left (to your right and left as you sit on the bike) lines to the calipers, using the shorter line on the right side. These lines will travel from the master cylinder to the calipers; a double banjo bolt is included to run two lines down. The positioning sequence on the master cylinder is as follows: Double banjo hex, washer, 40-degree banjo labeled for right line, washer, 20-degree banjo labeled for left line, washer, master cylinder. Please see picture A for reference! Double banjo bolts must be torqued at 12 FT pounds.

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