R1 Addendum Yamaha YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 TiForce exhaust system REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION MANUAL


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Remove the lower fairing. Remove the lower radiator mounting bolts, loosen the upper bolts and pivot the radiator forward to provide more access to the exhaust nuts (flange nuts). 2. YZF-R1 ONLY!!! The EXUP control cables are tie-wrapped to the frame, and will need to be disconnected from the servo motor. Do not disconnect the electrical connection to the servo motor, and do not remove the actual servo motor. Simply remove the cables from the EXUP valve and from the servo motor. 3. Remove the existing exhaust system and save the flange nuts for reuse. Save the mounting bolt and nut for the end can to the passenger footpeg for reuse as well. 4. Inspect the exhaust gaskets. Replace if necessary. 5. Assemble the head pipes 1 (blue), 2 (red), 3 (yellow), and 4 (green) by matching the joints of the same color to the pair of front Y-pipes. Do not install the exhaust springs at this time. 6. Attach the assembled head pipe sections to the exhaust ports, but do not tighten the flange nuts fully, allowing for some adjustment in the remainingsteps. Reuse the flange nuts saved from step 3 above. Make sure the ends of the headpipes fit flush and snug in the ports before tightening. 7. Install the S-Bend to the front section of the headpipes and two Y-pipes. 8. Go back and retighten the head pipe flange nuts per factory specifications. 9. Slide the TiForce end can into place. Loosely attach the two rubber bands, stainless steel bands K, and stayarm / hanger G to the end can using the supplied 6mm hardware H. See figure 1. 10. YZF-R1 ONLY!!! Place the bands approximately 180mm from the edge of the end can. See figure 2. 11. YZF-R6 ONLY!!! Place the bands approximately 195mm from the edge of the end can. See figure 2. 12. Using the stock provided mounting point on the passenger footpeg, and using the stock mounting bolt, mount the end can loosely, allowing for some adjustment. Insert the stock mounting bolt through the stay / hanger G. 13. Attach the supplied springs to all the joints, starting from the headpipes and working back to the end can. 14. Make sure the exhaust system is free and clear, if necessary jiggle the system to adjust for proper clearance. 15. Carefully align the two stainless bands K so that they are parallel to each other, and spaced properly on the can (step 10 or 11 / figure 2), then tighten the 6mmhardware H and the stock mounting bolt hardware. Make sure that the rubber pads fully cover the band(s). USE CAUTION WHEN TIGHTENING THE 6MM HARDWARE AND THE TWO BANDS SO AS NOT TO CRUSH OR DISTORT THE SLEEVE OF THE CAN

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