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Remove and retain the (4) chrome caps from the handlebar clamps. Remove and retain the (4) stock allen head bolts. This hardware will be re-used with the new Billet Tach Mount Kit. Carefully remove the stock handlebar clamps while supporting the handlebars. INSTALLATION: 2. Slide the Electronic Tachometer (#6) into the Billet Tach Mount (#2) and secure with the 10-24 X 1/4″ Socket Set Screw (#10) supplied. Carefully pull the tachometer wire harness through the larger hole in the Billet Tach Cup (#3) and secure the Billet Tach Cup with the 10-24 X 1/8″ Socket Set Screw supplied. (The additional holes in the tach cup are for air circulation). Attach the Billet Tach Mount to the Billet Handlebar Clamp (#1) with the two 10-24 X 1-3/4″ Socket Head Screws (#4) supplied. Install the Billet Tach Mount assembly with the four stock allen head bolts and chrome caps removed in step 1 above. Adjust handlebars to desired height and torque bolts to factory specs. WIRING INSTRUCTIONS: 3. Refer to FIG. #1 . Remove Seat. Disconnect negative cable from battery. Remove fuel tank retaining bolts. Raise fuel tank about 3″-4″ to expose the Left Side Ignition Coil. It is not necessary to completely remove the gas tank on the Road Star. (V-Star 1100 applications use the right front coil and require fuel tank removal.) TIP: Long needle nose pliers are useful in removing and re-installing the coil wires. If desired, tach wire loom may be shortened as necessary. Using an appropriate crimping tool, connect the Tachometer wires in the following manner: Cut Shrink Tubing (#9) into two 1″ pieces

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