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OIL WARNING LIGHT CHECKING METHOD Main Switch “ON” Gears in “NEUTRAL” Oil warning indicator light does not come on Refeer to CHAPTER 8 “SIGNAL SYSTEM” Oil warning indicator light come on Shift into gear Oil warning indicator light does not come on Oil warning indicator light come on Supply engine oil Engine oil level and electrical circuit are OK 1 CHK ADJ TRANSMISSION OIL LEVEL INSPECTION/ TRANSMISSION OIL REPLACEMENT 3-11 TRANSMISSION OIL LEVEL INSPECTION 1. Inspect: •transmission oil level Oil level low **Add sufficient oil ******************************** Transmission oil level steps: •Place the machine on a level surface. •Warm up the engine for several minutes and stop it. •Visually check the oil level through the level window *. NOTE: •Check the oil level just one minute after stopping the engine. •The oil should e confirmed between maximum *and minimum *marks. •If the oil level is lower, add sufficient oil to raise it to the proper level. •Do not add any chemical additives. Transmission oil also lubricates the clutch and additives could cause clutch slippage. •Be sure no foreign material enters the crankcase. **************** **************** TRANSMISSION OIL REPLACEMENT 1. Warm up the engine for several minutes. 2. Place a container under the engine. 3. Remove: •oil filler cap * •drain pulg * drain transmission oil. NOTE: Drain the transmission oil with the motorcycle slightly inclined to the right. 4. Inspect: •gasket (Drain plug) •O-Ring (oil filter cap) Damage **Replace

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