Yamaha FZ-1 TiForce exhaust system Installation Instructions (Slip-on)


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Loosen the clamp where the stock tailpipe connects to the stock collector. 2. Remove the bolt holding the stock muffler assembly to the footpeg/exhaust bracket. 3. Remove the stock tailpipe and exhaust assembly as one piece. 4. Remove the nut securing the right side center stand support bolt. Install the new supplied bracket as shown in (See figure 1) 5. Remove the right rear footpeg assembly complete, bolt the new footpeg mounting bracket in place of the stock one using supplied bolts. 6. Carefully unbolt the footpeg from the bracket (Be careful there are springs and washers that will fall out if you are not careful), bolt the footpeg into the new billet footpeg bracket. Bolt the footpeg bracket to the footpeg- mounting bracket. (See figure 2) 7. Remove the stock exhaust gasket from the stock tailpipe and installthe gasket into the new tailpipe. 8. Slide the supplied clamp over the new tailpipe and slide the new tailpipe onto the stock collector. 9. Slide the TiForce end can into place. Loosely attach the two rubber bands, stainless steel bands K, and stayarm / hanger G to the end can using the supplied 6mm hardware H. See figure 4. 10. Place the bands approximately 150mm from the edge of the end can. See figure 5. 11. Using the stock provided mounting point on the passenger footpeg, and using the stock mounting bolt, mount the end can loosely, allowing for some adjustment. Insert the stock mounting bolt through the stay / hanger G. 12. Attach the supplied springs to connect the tailpipe and muffler assembly. 13. Make sure the exhaust system is free and clear, if necessary jigglethe system to adjust for proper clearance. 14. Carefully align the two stainless bands K so that they are parallel to each other, and spaced properly on the can (figure 5), then tighten the 6mm hardware H and the stock mounting bolt hardware. Make sure thatthe rubber pads fully cover the band(s). USE CAUTION WHEN TIGHTENING THE 6MM HARDWARE AND THE TWO BANDS SO AS NOT TO CRUSH OR DISTORT THE SLEEVE OF THE CAN. 15. Tighten the supplied clamp to secure the new tailpipe to the factory collector. 16. Using some brake and contact cleaner on a clean rag, carefully wipe down the entire exhaust system to remove any residual oils, anti seize, fingerprints and dirt prior to starting the motor. FAILURE TO CLEAN THE TUBING AND CAN MAY RESULT IN PERMANENT STAINING OF THE SYSTEM WHEN HEATED. 17. Check that all hardware is tightened, then start the motor and check for exhaust leaks.

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