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INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 3-1 3 EAU10460 Main switch/steering lock The main switch/steering lock controls the ignition and lighting systems, and is used to lock the steering. The various positions are described below. EAU26900 ON All electrical circuits are supplied with power, and the meter lighting, taillight, license plate light and position lights come on, and the engine can be started. The key cannot be removed. NOTE: The headlights come on automatically when the engine is started and stay on until the key is turned to “OFF”, even if the engine stalls. EAU10660 OFF All electrical systems are off. The key can be removed. EAU10680 LOCK The steering is locked, and all electrical systems are off. The key can be re- moved. To lock the steering 1. Turn the handlebars all the way to the left. 2. Push the key in from the “OFF” position, and then turn it to “LOCK” while still pushing it. 3. Remove the key. To unlock the steering Push the key in, and then turn it to “OFF” while still pushing it. WARNING EWA10060 Never turn the key to “OFF” or “LOCK” while the vehicle is moving, otherwise the electrical systems will be switched off, which may result in loss of control or an accident. Make sure that the vehicle is stopped before turning the key to “OFF” or “LOCK”. 1. Push. 2. Turn. 1. Push. 2. Turn.
INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 3-2 3 EAU11003 Indicator and warning lights EAU11030 Turn signal indicator lights “” and “” The corresponding indicator light flashes when the turn signal switch is pushed to the left or right. EAU11060 Neutral indicator light “” This indicator light comes on when the transmission is in the neutral position. EAU11080 High beam indicator light “” This indicator light comes on when the high beam of the headlight is switched on. EAU11250 Oil level warning light “” This warning light comes on when the engine oil level is low. The electrical circuit of the warning light can be checked by turning the key to “ON”. If the warning light does not come on for a few seconds, then go off, have a Yamaha dealer check the electrical cir- cuit. NOTE: Even if the oil level is sufficient, the warning light may flicker when riding on a slope or during sudden acceleration or deceleration, but this is not a malfunction. This model is also equipped with a self-diagnosis device for the oil level detection circuit. If the oil level detection circuit is defective, the following cycle will be repeated until the malfunction is corrected: The

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