Yamaha Rear Suspension Lowering Kit installation Manual


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1. This lowering method requires replacement rear suspension coupling components. This is a simple task, and is completely reversible. In addition, this kit provides for a 0″ setting, to easily return your bike to its original height. First, raise the rear tire off of the ground by the frame before you begin. Raise the motorcycle so no weight is applied to the rear wheel, allowing the rear wheel to spin freely. 2. Next, become familiar with your lowering kit. You’ll notice that there are two corners of the lowering component with two holes each, and one corner with a single hole. The corner with the single hole attaches to the swingarm (the bolt that is closest to the rear wheel). The only important part of this familiarization process, is to make sure that you get the part oriented in the correct position. The following photos will explain the purpose of the different holes, and also help you turn the part in the correct position before you install it. Look at the first photo on the next page: In the photo above, the part is positioned just as it should be, for installation on the left-hand side (kickstand side) of the motorcycle. A quick measurement will show that Dimension “A” on Side “A” should be shorter than Dimension “B” on Side “B”. If not, flip your part over (turn the face you are viewing away from you, but keep the corners with two holes on your left), and measure again. Next, study the photo below for info on the different heights you can set your bike to… When installed, Hole “0″ will place the bike at it’s original height. Placing the top bolt in Hole 1, and the bottom bolt in Hole 0, the bike will be lowered approximately ¾”. Placing the top bolt in Hole 1, and the bottom bolt in Hole 1, the bike will be lowered approximately 2″. Simple, eh? Now, let’s move on to installation. 3. Below is a photo of the factory suspension coupling as installed in your motorcycle. This photo was taken from the LH side of the bike, to keep things in perspective with our previous photos. Loosen the three bolts holding the original suspension coupling, and remove. Be aware that the rear wheel will drop down when the bolts are removed, just so there are no surprises!

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