Yamaha Road Star EZ-Steer Installation Manual


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Champion Yamaha Road Star EZ-Steer Installation of the Champion EZ-Steer system is similar to the installation of the OEM triple clamp of your Yamaha Road Star Motorcycle. Much of the OEM hardware is retained and reused. It is assumed that the installer has advanced and/or professional skills in motorcycle servicing. We recommend that you use an OEM service manual and follow the prescribed disassembly, installation and torque specifications for the upper and lower clamp assembly. Recommended Procedures • Remove headlight, windscreen (if so equipped) and brackets from motorcycle. • The wheel and fork assembly can be removed as one complete unit. Disconnect the master cylinder brake line from the tee fitting below the lower triple clamp. The caliper brake lines may be left in place on the tee fitting. • Install supplied extensions to fork tubes the supplied o-rings. Apply lubricant to o-rings and extensions prior to installing to fork tubes. • Install the lower fork tube covers to the lower clamp prior to installation to motorcycle using the longer screws supplied. The two longest screws are used in the outboard holes. • Replacing the upper OEM bearing and race with the Champion supplied bearing and race, install Champion lower triple clamp to motorcycle reusing original hardware as removed. Torque bearing lock nut to 30 lb. ft. • Slide fork tubes up through bottom of lower clamp approximately 6-8 inches. Install the OEM gaskets, washers and upper fork tube covers. Do not reinstall brake line holders at this time. • Install Champion upper clamp with OEM washer and dome nut. Leave loose. • Slide forks up and into the upper clamp until top of extension is flush with top surface of clamp. • Torque dome nut to 85 lb. ft. • Ensure that fork tube extensions are flush with top of upper clamp. Torque upper and lower clamp bolts to 35lb. ft. • Install handle bars to upper clamp using OEM bolt with supplied flat washers. One washer on top, two on bottom, both sides. • Reinstall brake line holders to the bottom of the lower triple clamp using the supplied M6 NyLoc nuts. • Reinstall all other OEM parts as removed. • Bleed brakes. EZ-Steer Maintenance

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