Yamaha Road Star Warrior Fuel Injected Models INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS


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1. Remove seat and fuel tank. 2. Remove airbox and left airbox cover. We highly recommend you consult the factory service manual for proper removal of airbox. 3. Route wiring harness under frame bracket towards airbox. (Fig 1) 4. Unplug stock black connector for fuel injectors. (Fig 2) 5. Plug Fuelpak 4-pin connectors in-line with the connectors from step 4. 6. Unplug the TPS connector and attach T-tap connector to the center wire (yellow). (Fig 3) 7. Route the Fuelpak violet wire to T-tap. (Fig 4) 8. Reattach the TPS connector. 9. Route black wire to the front of engine and down to the horn. (Fig 5) 10. Disconnect the factory black/white wire from horn. Plug Fuelpak into horn and plug Fuelpak black/white wire to Fuelpak connector. 11. Route black and green wires to battery negative. 12. Attach Fuelpak to Fuelpak harness and mount under seat as shown. (Fig 6) 13. Before reassembling the bike, make sure handlebar switch is in the engine-not-running position and turn the key on. Fuelpak should light up. Sound the horn. If Fuelpak turns off when the horn is sounded, recheck the black wire connection on the horn and that it is connected to the correct wire from the factory harness. 14. Follow the service manual to reinstall the airbox and gas tank. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR P/N 65005 READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE BEGINNING INSTALLATION FUEL INJECTION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ROAD STAR WARRIOR NOTICE: Fuelpak is intended for racing or off-highway use only, and is not legal for sale or use in California on pollution-controlled vehicles. PLEASE NOTE: FUELPAK USE REQUIRES A HIGH PERFORMANCE AIR FILTER. HOW IT WORKS ENTERING VALUES 1. Remove Fuelpak clear case cover by removing all four screws, save hardware . 2. Turn on main power with key, but do not start engine. Fuelpak display should light up, if not, turn power off and verify the connectors are fully seated. 3. Refer to Fuelpak Setting Reference to locate the Setting Values specific to your bike and exhaust system. If you do not find your setting, visit fuelpakfi.com or call tech support at (562) 921-0071. 4. Starting with mode 1 selected, press the value (+) or the value (-) buttons to input the correct value as indicated in your Setting Value. After entering your first value, press the mode select button to move to mode 2 and enter the value. Continue until you have entered the value for each of the first 18 mode positions. Each time the value (+) is pressed, the value increases by one number. Each time the value (-) is pressed, the value decreases by one number. (Please refer to the “How It Works” section directly above if you have questions about this step. 5. As the next procedure, after you have entered in your values for the first 18 modes, press the mode select button to move to mode 19. Fully twist open the throttle and return to idle position to calibrate the Fuelpak to your bike. 6. By pressing the mode select button twice, move to mode 21 and verify that it reads “0″ with the throttle closed, “50″ at approximately half-throttle and “99″ when fully opened; if not, repeat step 5. Do not proceed to step 7 until mode 21 is verified. 7. Enter any other mode values as required for your application. 8. Turn off power. 9. Reinstall clear cover, tuck Fuelpak under seat area and reinstall seat. 10. You are now ready to ride.

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