Yamaha Roadliner And Stratoliners Brake Pedal Relocation Kit


Filed Under (Yamaha) by admin on 27-12-2010

1. This kit replaces the original rear brake actuating rod that connects the pedal to the master cylinder (see photo 1A) and the brake light switch spring (see photo 1B). Remove the two allen screws which attach the switches mounting plate to the frame (1C). Remove the spring. 2. Remove the cotter pin and washer from the forward end of the rod where it connects to the brake pedal (photo2A). Slide the rod over off of the brake pedal. Unscrew the rod from the threaded stud on the master cylinder. 3. Thread the new rod onto the stud until the end of the stud appears in the middle of the small sight hole that is cross drilled thru the rod (1D). Place the forward end of the rod back onto the brake pedal. Next check the distance between the bottom of the brake pedal and the top of the floorboard, this should be approximately 1 ¾”. If not, slide the rod off the pedal and thread it in or out to adjust the pedal height. With the rod on the pedal re-install the washer and cotter pin (Note: the cotter pin should go into the hole from the top down) then bend the cotter pin open. 4. Replace the brake light spring with the new one supplied. (Pushing down on the switches rubber cover will push the pin out). Re-install the switch bracket. Turn on the ignition and adjust the threaded collar on the brake switch so that the brake light comes on just as you feel some resistance when pushing on the pedal (when the brakes begin to drag).

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