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1. Cover the right frame tube in front of the exhaust with duct tape or any suitable material to protect frame during exhaust removal. 2. Remove the three capscrews holding the muffl er assembly to the support bar, loosen the muffl er clamp and carefully remove the muffl er from the motorcycle. 3. Remove and save the two 12mm bolts from the right side fl oorboard assembly (Figure 1) and carefully lower the fl oorboard out of the way. NOTE: Support the fl oorboard with a block of wood or other appropriate material, do not let it “hang” by the brake switch wire. 4. Remove the chrome cover over the power valve pulley. Using a 10mm wrench, remove both cables attached to the power valve pulley (Figure 2). 5. Remove and save the 5mm capscrew on the rear side cover to gain access to the O2 sensor harness plug and unplug O2 sensor from harness (Figure 3). 6. Remove the 4 nuts holding the exhaust system and carefully remove the exhaust system from the motorcycle (may require assistance). NOTE: It may be necessary to loosen the heatshield clamps to access the nuts on the front cylinder. 7. Trace the power valve cables to the drive motor (just under the rear fender on the right side). Remove the power valve cables and mounting clips from the motorcycle. 8. Using a 22mm wrench, carefully remove the O2 sensor from stock exhaust system and save for reuse with the new system. 9. Remove the plastic cover over the clutch banjo bolt (Figure 4). 10. Check the stock exhaust gaskets to be sure they are in good shape. If you have any doubts as to their condition, replace them

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