YAMAHA ROADSTAR TRIKE Removal of Clear Taillights and installation of Red Taillights


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1 Installation of Lights 1.1 Support the trike on jack stands and remove the wheels. 1.2 Remove the clear lights from the inside of the wheel wells by unscrewing the three (3) screws from the light. 1.3 Unplug the wires and remove the lights. 1.4 Remove the chrome bezels and rubber gaskets from the clear lights and install on the red lights (5 screws). 1.5 Re-connect the wire plugs and install the red lights to the trike body using the same three screws. 1.6 Replace the wheels and torque the lug nuts to 75 lb.ft. 2 Wire modification inside trunk 2.1 From the inside of the trunk pull back the carpet on both the left and right hand sides to expose the wire harnesses coming from the wheel wells. 2.2 Locate the resistors in the harness, 2.5″ x 0.5″ x 0.5″, and covered by black shrink wrap. 2.3 Cut the shrink wrap to expose the resistors and cut wire on both side of the resistors. Remove and discard resistors. 2.4 Splice in the supplied 5″ green wires (WITHOUT the diodes) with 2 blue scotchlock connectors per side to reconnect the cut wires. 2.5 Do not glue in carpet until lights are tested. 3 Change to pigtail from Trike to Motorcycle. 3.1 Remove driver’s sear 3.2 Unplug pigtail from motorcycle (MC) wiring and trike body wiring. 3.3 Cut heat shrink on the MC plug side of the pigtail and pull expansion sleeve back to expose the wires. Figure 1 3.4 Cut Green and Yellow turn signal wires and about 3″ from the MC plug and splice in Green and Yellow wires from the supplied resistors with the supplied hest shrink solder connectors (heat to be applied) – (three wires in one connection) Figure 1 3.5 Cut the Red (Brake) and Brown (Running lights) wires and splice in the supplied diodes with the supplied heat shrink solder connectors. Red side of the diode wire facing the Trike plug. Figure 1 3.6 Connect eye lug on the black wire from the resistors to the negative terminal of the battery. Figure 2 3.7 Plug pigtail back into the Trike body and the MC

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