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PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR -. 1. Screw (x 2) EAU03003 Replacing the headlight bulb This motorcycle is equipped with a quartz bulb headlight. If the headlight bulb burns out, replace it as follows. 1. Remove the headlight unit by re- moving the screws. 2. Disconnect the headlight coupler, and then remove the headlight unit and bulb cover. 1. Headlight bulb holder 3. Remove the headlight bulb holder by turning it counterclockwise, and then remove the defective bulb. EWOOOl19 Headlight bulbs get very hot. Therefore, keep flammable products away from a lit headlight bulb, and do not touch the bulb until it has cooled down. 4. Place a new bulb into position, and then secure it with the bulb holder. 1. Do not touch this area. EC000105 Do not touch the glass part of the headlight bulb to keep it free from oil, otherwise the transparency of the glass, the luminosity of the bulb, and the bulb life will be adversely affected. Thoroughly clean off any dirt and fingerprints on the headlight bulb using a cloth moistened with alcohol or thinner. 5. Install the bulb cover, and then connect the coupler. 6. Install the headlight unit by install- ing the screws. 7. Have a Yamaha dealer adjust the headlight beam if necessary. 6-40 PERIODIC MAINTENANCE AND MINOR REPAIR 1. Screw (x 2) 1. Tail/brake light bulb (x 2) EAU00855 Replacing a turn signal light bulb or the tail/brake light bulb 3. Insert a new bulb into the socket, push it in, and then turn it clock- wise until it stops. 1. Remove the lens by removing the screws. 2. Remove the defective bulb by pushing it in and turning it counter- clockwise. 1. Turn signal light bulb 4. Install the lens by installing the screws. EC000108 Do not overtighten the screws, oth- erwise the lens may break

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