Yamaha V-Star 1100 Jetting the Carburetors INSTALLATION MANUAL


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Remove air filter housing Remove the seat or seats Disconnect Fuel Lines (also the vapor line from tank to charcoal canister on California models) Disconnect instrument connectors from the fuel tank Remove fuel tank Remove air box Disconnect TPS and heater connectors Remove chrome carb cover Disconnect Fuel Lines Remove rubber carb elbows Disconnect throttle cables from carbs Remove the carbs Perform the jetting 1. Remove the Chrome air filter housing. To remove the chrome dog-dish (air filter housing) from the right side of the bike, you will need to remove the two mounting bolts and loosen the clamp that holds the air duct to the back of the housing. You will need a 5 mm Allen wrench and a #2 Philips screwdriver. 2. Remove the seats. This can be accomplished by using a 5 mm Allen wrench and removing the Allen head bolt from just behind the rear seat and the bolt just behind the front seat. Pulling up and back will free the seats. One smooth motion will do it. 3. Gain access to the dashboard plug and unplug it (It is white) Note: Your trip odometer will lose its count, please record the number if you wish to save your current mileage for this tank of gas. Figure A shows the three plastic rivets that need to be removed to gain access to the dashboard plug. Using your Philips head screwdriver, press the small circle in the middle of the rivets down… a click is felt. Remove the rivets by hand. You have freed the cover and you may lift it up to expose the electrical connector that needs to be unplugged. Figure B shows the plug

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