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Check condition of stock exhaust gasket. Replace if damaged or worn. 2. Install mounting bracket (stamped 384-P) in the original bracket mounting position using two 8mm bolts (supplied)(Figure 1). Note: Install two 5/16″ x 5/8″ fl ange bolts (supplied)(Figure 1) into top holes of bracket before installing bracket onto motorcycle. 3. Mark outside surface of front and rear heat shields with location of mounting clips that are welded to the inside (Figure 2). Place each heat shield on a non abrasive surface such as a blanket or carpet. Lay each head pipe/muffl er onto its respective heat shield (Figure 3). 4. Loosely install each hose clamp by feeding tail end of clamp into heat shield clip (Figure 2). #20 hose clamps are for head pipes and #28 hose clamps for muffl er area. Take note of clamp screw head direction (Figure 4). Screw head should be accessible when system is installed on motorcycle for adjustment purposes. Note: Do not tighten yet. 5. Install 6″ fl ange bolts (supplied) engaging nut plate. Leave T-bolt clamp onto front muffl er (Figure 4&5). Slide muffl er onto front head pipe. Slide nut plate (supplied) inside bracket welded to backside of front muffl er (Figure 6). Attach muffl er to mounting bracket 384-P using two 5/1head pipe/muffl er assembly loose at this time. 6. Using stock Allen bolts, carefully install rear head pipe/ muffl er assembly into exhaust port. (Assistance may be required). Note: Do not tighten yet. 7. Slide nut plate (supplied) inside bracket welded to backside of rear muffl er (Figure 6). 8. Align muffl ers so they are parallel when viewed from the right side of the motorcycle and muffl er tips align at the same length. Tighten 5/16″ fl ange bolts securing muffl ers to bracket. 9. Tighten cylinder exhaust port bolts securing head pipes to cylinder head. 10. Tighten T-bolt clamp securing front muffl er to head pipe. 11. Adjust heat shields so that muffl er tips protrude 1/4″ from heat shields (Figure 7) and rotation of heat shield matches muffl er tip. Tighten all hose clamps securing heat shields. 12. After installation and before starting motorcycle, completely clean pipes and muffl ers with cleaning solvent and a clean, soft cloth that will not leave a residue. Note: Any residue, oil, or fi ngerprints will stain the chrome when the metal heats up. 13. All hardware must be properly tightened before starting motorcycle

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