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STOCK EXHAUST SYSTEM REMOVAL 1. This Exhaust system is specifically designed for California models, before continuing be sure it is the correct system for your application. 2. Loosen clamp that connects muffler to front head pipe. 3. Remove cylinder exhaust bolts from rear head pipe that connects rear head pipe to cylinder (save for re- use). 4. Remove bolts that connect mufflers to mounting bracket. Remove complete system. Note: Assistance may be required. Page 1of 4 Y411IN Rev. 1.0 YAMAHA V-STAR 650 CRUZER EXHAUST SYSTEM, CA Model Part #31505 Tools required for installation: 1/2”, 12mm & 10mm wrenches 5mm, 6mm Allen wrenches 5/16″ nutdriver / flat blade screwdriver VANCE & HINES EXHAUST SYSTEM INSTALLATION 1. Check condition of stock exhaust gaskets. Replace if damaged or worn. 2. Install mounting bracket (stamped 370-P) in the original muffler mounting position, using two 8mm bolts (supplied)(Figure 1). 3. Mark outside surface of front and rear heat shields with location of mounting clips that are welded to the inside (Figure 2). Place each heat shield on a non abrasive surface such as a blanket or carpet. Lay each head pipe/muffler onto its respective heat shield (Figure 3). 4. Loosely install each hose clamp by feeding tail end of clamp into heat shield clip (Figure 4). Take note of clamp screw head direction (Figure 3). Screw head should be accessible when system is installed on motorcycle for adjustment purposes. Note: Do not tighten yet. 5. Install T-bolt clamp onto front muffler. Slide muffler onto front head pipe. Slide dog bone shaped nut plate (supplied) inside bracket welded to backside of front muffler. Attach muffler to mounting bracket 370-P using two 5/16″ flange bolts (supplied) engaging dog bone nut plate. Leave head pipe/muffler assembly loose at this time (Figure 4). 6. Using stock Allen bolts, carefully install rear head pipe/muffler assembly into exhaust port. (Assistance may be required). Note: Do not tighten yet. 7. Slide dog bone shaped nut plate (supplied) inside bracket welded to backside of rear muffler

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