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Remove the vacuum slide from the carburetor. • Remove the OEM needle and spacer, noting the order of assembly. • Counting from the top to the bottom, install the new Baron needle clip on groove #4 of the replacement Baron adjustable needle. • Reinstall the OEM spacer and washer. • Reinstall the vacuum slide along with the diaphragm spring. • Reattach the diaphragm cover and tighten its screws. Note: Verify that the slide maintains a full range of movement! • Drain the fuel from float bowl and remove the bowl cover. • Remove the new cap head Allen screws in place of the OEM Phillips head screws. • Repeat above steps for other OEM main jet and pilot jet, and replace them with Baron’s main and pilot jets. • Thoroughly clean the inside of the float bowl prior to reinstalling it. • Reassemble the carburetor by reversing the order of previous steps. Use thecarburetor. • Locate the fuel mixture plug on each carburetor; it will either be a screw head or a brass plug. If it is a screw head, skip to step c . If you see a brass plug with a small hole in the center, proceed as follows: a. With a 5/32″ drill bit, carefully and slowly drill through the fuel mixture plug for each carburetor. CAUTION: The fuel mixture screw is located directly beneath this plug. Be prepared to stop the drill and remove the bit the instant you break through the plug. b. Insert a self-tapping sheet metal screw into the drilled hole and remove the plug. 311 #1 Industrial Way – Fallbrook, CA 92028 – USA Phone: (760) 731-1200 Fax: (760) 731-1284 E-mail: tech@baronscustom.com Website: www.baronscustom.com Included in this kit: (2) Mikuni main jets, (2) pilot jets, (2) titanium needles, (2) clips, (8) cap head Allen screws Revision 2.0 c. With air/fuel screw now accessible, use a flat blade screwdriver to turn the screw clockwise until it seats, then carefully turn it counter-clockwise 3 turns. Refer to final step for assistance in fine-tuning the setting of the air/fuel adjustment screw. • Reinstall the OEM air filter assembly. • Check all vent lines, fuel lines, and linkage for any obstructions or blockage

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