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INSTALLATION PROCEDURE 1. Secure motorcycle to a bike lift and raise the motorcycle. 2. Remove stock rear shock from the motorcycle per standard Yamaha shop manual instructions. 3. Place the shaft of the shock in V” blocks and secure this in a vice or press, applying firm pressure to the V” blocks to trap the shaft so it will not turn. Unscrew the upper shock mount eyelet from the shaft. NOTE: The upper mount is a standard thread so you will rotate the mount counter-clockwise to unscrew it. 4. Next, screw the New LA Choppers Shock Mount onto shock shaft using Loctite. 5. Re-install shock spring, making sure it is locked in place with the retaining ring prior to slowly releasing the spring compressor. Allow shock spring to expand against the retaining ring and machined washer. 6. Reinstall shock onto the motorcycle per standard Yamaha shop manual instructions. WARNING: Installing a lowering kit will decrease initial ground clearance. The motorcycle will be lower to the ground and care should be taken to avoid bottoming, especially over bumps or in turns. To maintain proper balanced geometry, the front and rear of the motorcycle should be lowered equally. Failure to properly install the lowering kit and operate the motorcycle after installation may result in serious injury or death to the rider. LIMITED GUARANTY: Because we cannot control the application of our products, buyer assumes risks for any and all damage caused to him or herself or any third party by virtue of any failure of these parts. Guaranty for such parts is limited to our replacement costs thereof. This guaranty is in lieu of all other guaranties or warranties express or implied, and all other such guaranties or warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed. By installation of these parts, buyer irrevocably agrees to the foregoing

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