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REMOVING THE STOCK EXHAUST SYSTEM 1. Loosen the slip joint clamp on the front and rear head pipe, which are located at the muffler box. 2. Remove the two nuts that hold the front head pipe to the engine. Slip the head pipe out of the muffler box and set it aside. Note: Do not remove the rear head pipe, it has been incorporated in the design of the new exhaust system. 3. Remove the muffler box mounting bolt located in front of the passenger foot rest on the left side. 4. Remove two bolts from the right passenger foot rest assembly and set the foot rest aside. 5. Slide the muffler box off of the rear head pipe and set it aside. 6. Replace the muffler box mounting bolt (from step #3) using the washer and nut (supplied) on the back side. INSTALLING YOUR NEW VANCE & HINES EXHAUST SYSTEM 1. Attach the mounting bar to the motorcycle frame behind the right passenger foot rest. Align the two holes in the largest bracket on the mounting bar with the two holes on the frame, be sure the bend in the mounting bar is pointing to the center of the motorcycle. 2. Install the round steel spacer (supplied) to the rear most hole in the bracket. 3. Attach the foot rest using the two 8mm x 1.25 x 25mm bolts (supplied). 4. Slide the new exhaust flange (supplied) onto the front head pipe. 5. Install the two heat shields to the front head pipe using the four hose clamps (supplied). Unscrew all of the hose clamps (supplied) until they are completely loose. Feed the tail end of the hose clamp into the clips on the inside of both heat shields. Place the heat shields onto the front head pipe. Note: Be sure the bend in the heat shield matches the bend in the head pipe exactly. Wrap the hose clamp around the head pipe and give the screw three to four turns, leaving heat shield loose on the head pipe. Repeat this step with the heat shield on the rear head pipe. Note: The screw end of the hose clamp should be accessible, but not visible when pipe is mounted on the bike. 6. Check the stock exhaust gaskets to be sure they are in good shape. If you have any doubts as to their condition, replace them. 7. Slide a chrome pinch clamp (supplied) onto the expanded end of the new rear head pipe. Install a 3/8″ x 1″ bolt with a flat washer on either side of the clamp followed by a lock nut (hardware supplied). Repeat this step on the inlet end of each muffler using the two muffler clamps with 5/16″ x 1 1/4″ bolts (hardware supplied) but leave the clamp loose at this time. 8. Slip the new rear head pipe with the heat shield attached, over the stock rear pipe and gasket, but leave the clamp loose at this time. 9. Install the front head pipe, with the heat shield attached and stock gasket in place, to the front cylinder using the stock nuts, leave them loose at this time

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