Yamaha Virago 750/ 1100 InstaTrike REMOVAL AND INSTALLATION MANUALS


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Remove any aftermarket accessories (saddle bags, back rests, etc) before hitch installation. After installation remount accessories. NOTE: Some aftermarket accessories may not be compatible with InstaTrike hitch. 1) Place motorcycle on a smooth level surface on center stand. 2) Attach Bracket A (left) to outside of rear passenger foot peg mount. Place spacers between Bracket A and foot peg mount. Use new bolts provided. 3) Attach Bracket B (right) to outside of rear passenger foot peg. Place spacers between Bracket B and foot peg mount. Use new bolts provided. Bracket will extend over top of mufflers. 4) Attach Brackets C (left) and D (right) to rear frame bolts on
motorcycle. Located near rear turn signals Use new bolts provided. (10M x 25mm long) It may be necessary to loosen or remove backrest covers or hardware in order to easily access rear frame bolts. After Bracket C and D installation, reattach and/or tighten backrest mounts. 5) Attach Bracket E(left) / F(right) to bottom of Brackets A & B and to the TOP of the forward hitch arms. Ensure hitch is square on motorcycle and snug bolts for Brackets A, B, and E,F at this time. 6) Raise rear of hitch so bottom of Brackets C & D are flush with top of rear hitch plate. Ensuring that hitch is square with motorcycle, carefully mark hole locations for bottom of Brackets C&D on rear hitch plate. Drill rear hitch plate holes with 3/8 inch drill. This step ensures proper alignment and spacing of hitch on the motorcycle. 7) Tighten all bolts ensuring that hitch is square on motorcycle. Periodically check bolts for tightness. Bracket Identification
1. Place your motorcycle on a smooth flat surface, like a garage floor, and rest it on its center stand. 2. Assemble the axles, tires and wheels, and fenders onto the tow- pac hitch cart. 3. Carefully align the tow-pac hitch cart’s hitch mount with the receiver hitch on the motorcycle. Now push the hitch mount into the receiver hitch. (this might be a little difficult until you get use to doing it. Removing the paint from the hitch mount and applying a little grease will help.) 4. Place the hitch pin through the receiver hitch and hitch mount ( alignment plate ). Install and tighten the tension bo

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