Yamaha WR motorcycle ProEFX 12V Hot Start Installation


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1. Remove seat, tank and shrouds. Remove existing hot start lever, cable and valve from the carburetor. 2. Tip: Clean all dirt from hot start bore and mating surfaces on the carburetor body with gas and a q-tip. 3. Tip: Use a small amount of Teflon tape (one wrap) on the threads of the aluminum mounting nut to ensure a water tight seal. 4. Install the Pro EFX hot start valve in the hot start bore (as shown in picture), with return spring, impact washer and delrin plunger in place. • Tip: Installation of the solenoid valve may require temporary rotation of the carburetor away from the top engine mount bracket. • Install with the solenoid valve assembly disconnected from wiring harness. • Screw in by hand and finish tightening with needle nose pliers. Do not over-tighten. Solenoid valve assembly: 5. Mount activation switch on preferred handle bar location. Pictured on clutch side, in place of the stock kill switch.
6. Route wiring harness around steering column and down frame backbone. Insert battery leads through slot in rubber protective boot. (follow existing wiring to battery) 7. Connect positive (red) and negative (black) leads to motorcycle battery. 8. Connect male and female terminals to wiring harness on previously installed solenoid valve assembly. 9. Depress activation button and listen for valve actuation. Plunger should freely “snap” between open and closed position in hot start bore, as activation button is depressed and released. If you don’t hear the valve “snap” open and closed, follow the trouble shooting guidelines or call /email for support. 10. Maintenance: Periodically ensure proper tightness of solenoid valve in carburetor body as part of standard motorcycle maintenance. Keep the battery terminal connections free from corrosion.

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