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CABLE ROUTING DIAGRAM STEERING DAMPER ADJUSTMENT 19 Damping sweep controls Damping sweep ontrols 5 are located on each side off the damper body. Damping is in position 2, (12 o´clock), when delivered from Yamaha. This setting is fitted for enduro, motocross and off-road riding. WARNING Always ensure that valve setting is within the permitted ranges. NOTE: Both damping sweep controls must always be set in identical positions. Always use positions according to the clock. Suitable starting position: Motocross pos. 1 or 2 Enduro pos. 2 or 3 Off-Road pos. 2, 3 or 4 Technical data External measures 70x70x35 mm Seals Low friction type Oil Öhlins part no. 01306-01 Maintenance and inspection The steering damper is a precision instrument, with extremely fine tolerances. It is therefore essential that it is maintained in a correct manner. Maintenance and service should be carried out by an authorised service center. NOTE: After washing the motorcycle wipe clean and spray with all-round oil. Never subject to direct high-pressure cleaning since water may otherwise penetrate the damper. Ensure that there is no leakage of fluid and that there is no visible damage to the housing and mounts FRONT FORK REBOUND DAMPING FORCE ADJUSTMENT The rebound adjuster is located at the top of the fork leg. 1. Adjust: • Rebound damping force By turning the adjuster. Stiffer → Increase the rebound damping force. (Turn the adjuster in.) Softer → Decrease the rebound damping force. (Turn the adjuster out.) Extent of adjustment: Maximum Minimum Fully turned in 20 clicks out position (from maximum position) • STANDARD POSITION This is the position which is back by the specific number of clicks from the fully turned-in position. Standard position: 14 clicks out Do not force the adjuster past the minimum  or maximum extent of adjustment. The adjuster may be damaged. WARNING Always adjust each front fork to the same set- ting. Uneven adjustment can cause poor handling and loss of stability

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