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LOCK WASHERS/PLATES AND COTTER PINS After removal, replace all lock washers/plates 1 and cotter pins. After the bolt or nut has been tightened to specification, bend the lock washer tabs and the cotter pin ends along a flat of the bolt or nut. EAS00024 BEARINGS AND OIL SEALS 1. Install bearings and oil seals so that the manufacturer’s marks or numbers are visible. When installing oil seals, lubricate the oil seal lips with a light coat of lithium soap base grease. Oil bearings liberally when installing, if appropriate. 1 Oil seal Do not spin the bearing with compressed air because this will damage the bearing sur- faces. 1 Bearing EAS00025 CIRCLIPS Before reassembly, check all circlips carefully and replace damaged or distorted circlips. Always replace piston pin clips after one use. When installing a circlip 1, make sure that the sharp-edged corner 2 is positioned opposite the thrust 3 that the circlip receives. 4 Shaft 1-4 GEN INFO CHECKING THE CONNECTIONS NOTE: NOTE: NOTE: EAS00026 CHECKING THE CONNECTIONS Check the leads, couplers, and connectors for stains, rust, moisture, etc. 1. Disconnect: lead coupler connector 2. Check: lead coupler connector Moisture Dry with an air blower. Rust/stains Connect and disconnect several times. 3. Check: all connections Loose connection Connect properly. If the pin 1 on the terminal is flattened, bend it up. 4. Connect: lead coupler connector Make sure that all connections are tight. 5. Check: continuity (with a pocket tester) Pocket tester 90890-03112 If there is no continuity, clean the terminals. When checking the wire harness, perform steps (1) to (3). As a quick remedy, use a contact revitalizer available at most part stores

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