Yamaha XV-19 Raider 465 Series Single Shock Supplement


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Mount the shock as you would your stock shock per your authorized shop manual (with the rebound adjustment at the bottom) noting the following: n As you mount the shock, feed the Remote Adjustable Pre-Load adjuster towards the rear (see figure 2) and to the right side of the swingarm (see figure 3) . n Do not loosen or attempt to rotate the line between the shock and the adjuster. n Make sure the shock rebound adjustment is toward the rear and facing the right side of the motorcycle and the nitrogen pressure valve is facing down. n Tighten shock bolts to the proper torque specifications (refer to your manual). n Locate the EXUP valve servo mounting bracket, specifically the two bolts used to secure it to the frame (see figure 4) . They below the seat on the right hand side of the motorcycle. n Now either mount the adjuster to the supplied mounting bracket using the supplied M6-1.0X8mm SHCS fasteners and torque them to 80-90 in/lbs (9-10 N-m), then mount the bracket and adjuster to the bike using two EXUP valve servo mounting bolts (as shown in figure 5) – or – mount the adjuster bracket to the frame using those two bolts, then mount the adjuster to the bracket (may require removal of exhaust stay). n Using the supplied zip-ties, secure the hydraulic line away from any moving parts or heat sources.

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