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High beam indicator light “” 2. Right turn signal indicator light “” 3. Fuel level warning light “” 4. Engine trouble warning light “” 5. Left turn signal indicator light “” 6. Neutral indicator light “” 1. Speedometer INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 3-4 3 EAU04436 Tachometer unit The electric tachometer allows the rider to monitor the engine speed and keep it within the ideal power range. The tachometer unit is equipped with the following: ● an odometer (which shows the total distance traveled) ● two tripmeters (which show the distance traveled since they were last set to zero) ● a fuel reserve tripmeter (which shows the distance traveled since the fuel level warning light came on) ● a meter lighting control ● a clock ● a self diagnosis device NOTE: ● Be sure to turn the key to “ON” before using the “SELECT” and “RESET” buttons. ● To switch the odometer, the trip- meters and the fuel reserve trip- meter displays between kilometers and miles, press the “SELECT” button for at least two seconds. ECA00123 CAUTION: Do not operate the engine in the tachometer red zone. If operated in the red zone, the tachometer segments will start flashing to notify the rider. Red zone: 5,000 r/min and above 1. Tachometer 2. Clock 3. Odometer/tripmeter/fuel reserve tripmeter 4. “RESET” button 5. “SELECT” button 1. Tachometer red zone
INSTRUMENT AND CONTROL FUNCTIONS 3-5 3 Odometer and tripmeter modes Pushing the “SELECT” button switches the display between the odometer mode”ODO” and the tripmeter modes “TRIP 1″ and “TRIP 2″ in the following order: ODO→ TRIP 1 → TRIP 2 → ODO If the fuel level warning light comes on (see page 3-2), the odometer display will automatically change to the fuel reserve tripmeter mode “TRIP F” and start counting the distance traveled from that point. In that case, pushing the “SELECT” button switches the display between the various tripmeter and odometer modes in the following order: TRIP F → TRIP 1 → TRIP 2 → ODO → TRIP F To reset a tripmeter, select it by pushing the “SELECT” button, and then push the “RESET” button for at least one second. If you do not reset the fuel reserve tripmeter manually, it will reset itself automatically and the display will return to the prior mode after refueling and traveling 3mi (5km). Meter lighting control mode 1. Turn the key to “OFF”. 2. Push and hold the “SELECT” but- ton. 3. Turn the key to “ON”, and then after five seconds, release the “SELECT” button. 4. Push the “RESET” button to select the desired brightness. 5. Push the “SELECT” button to set the brightness level. 6. Turn the key to “OFF”. NOTE: When adjusting the meter lighting, the odometer display will indicate the brightness level. Clock mode To set the clock: 1. Push the “SELECT” button and “RESET” button together for at least two seconds. 2. When the hour digits start flashing, push the “RESET” button to set the hours. 3. Push the “SELECT” button, and the minute digits will start flashing. 4. Push the “RESET” button to set the minutes. 5. Push the “SELECT” button and then release it to start the clock. NOTE: ● After setting the clock, be sure to push the “SELECT” button before turning the key to “OFF”, otherwise the clock will not be set. ● To set the clock after the battery has been disconnected, first set the time to 1:00 AM, and then set the clock to the correct time

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