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YZ450F Engine Reshaped intake ports The YZ450F’s innovative 5-valve cylinder head design is one of the most sophisticated in the category, and plays a vital role in enabling this high-tech MX bike maintain its well-documented superiority on the race track. For 2008 the combustion efficiency of this advanced cylinder head is further improved with the introduction of reshaped intake ports which enhance the bike’s low to mid-range performance. New exhaust camshaft profile Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. Page 5 of 33
In order to optimise the significant performance gains of the new intake port design, the latest YZ450F’s 5-valve cylinder head is equipped with new camshafts featuring reshaped Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. Page 6 of 33
profiles. The inlet valve timing has been adjusted, the overlap is modified and exhaust lift is revised to create an idealised balance of intake and exhaust operations for increased combustion efficiency and improved performance in the important low to mid-range zone. Reduced piston clearance The YZ450F powerplant is already one of the most advanced 4-stroke engine designs in the MX world, featuring cutting-edge technology which gives it a real advantage. Extensive use of lightweight materials has enabled Yamaha to create a light, compact and high-revving engine which produces a remarkably wide band of hard hitting power – and for 2008 our engineers have further reduced cylinder/piston tolerances of the 95mm diameter piston in order to enhance the overall package. These reductions may only be measurable in terms of microns, yet the differences are most definitely tangible, and include increased torque output, smoother running and quieter operation. New 94dB silencer Complying with the new FIM94dB(A) regulations is a new stainless steel silencer which maintains the machine’s strong low to mid-range power output, while reducing overall noise.

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