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Carefully remove the tail section body work. Save all bolts, washers and plastic rivets for re-installation of tail. Disconnect and remove the brake light (with all mounting grommets and washers), license plate and turn signals, key lock (with clip) and move all wiring out of the cutting areas. Remove the two bolts at the rear end of the stock fender (inside glove box) to allow the end to hang down for cutting. 2) Using a “Dremel” tool or cutting disc (this can also be done using a sharp edged knife, but is not recommended), remove the plastic shown in the photos above and below. Be sure to take your time cutting, so that you don’t cut away any more plastic than necessary. 3) Now relocate the rear mounting holes for the glove box 1.25″ lower in the tray to raise it up in the subframe as shown. Yamaha YZF-R1 Undertail Kit (2000-01, Available in: Yamaha Red, Yamaha Blue) Need Help? If you need additional help with the installation of the undertail, go to www.hotbodiesracing.com and look for the “FAQs” link at the bottom of the home page. Most of your general questions can be answered on those pages. This installation does require a basic mechanical aptitude, if in doubt, contact your local motorcycle shop and have a professional mechanic perform the installation, 3 hours is the average installation time. * After this modification your undertail is not returnable. Paint is not war- rantied against paint chips, flaking or scratches from installation or rocks being thrown from tire into the tray. 5) *Install license plate brackets to back side of license plate as shown. Now hold license plate in desired location on undertail, carefully mark and drill holes, install using the two (2) sets of allen bolts and lock nuts

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