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GENERALEXCLUSIONS from this warranty shall include any failures caused by: a. Competition or racing use. b. Installation of parts or accessories that are not qualitatively equivalent to genuine Yamaha parts. c. Abnormal strain, neglect, or abuse. d. Lack of proper maintenance. e. Accident or collision damage. f. Modification to original parts. g. Damage due to improper transportation. SPECIFIC EXCLUSIONS from this warranty shall include parts replaced due to normal wear or routine maintenance. THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY under this warranty shall be to: 1. Operate and maintain the motorcycle as specified in the appropriate Owner’s Manual. 2. Give notice to an authorized Yamaha motorcycle dealer of any and all apparent defects within ten (10) days after discovery, and make the machine available at that time for inspection and repairs at such dealer’s place of business. You may locate your nearest authorized Yamaha dealer through your local telephone directory. WARRANTY TRANSFER: To transfer any remaining warranty from the original purchaser to any subsequent purchaser, it is imperative that the machine be inspected and registered for warranty by an authorized Yamaha motorcycle dealer. In order for this warranty to remain in effect, this inspection and registration must take place within ten (10) days after transfer. Areasonable dealer imposed fee may be charged for the inspection. In no case will warranty be extended beyond the original period. EMISSIONS CONTROLSYSTEM WARRANTY Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A. also warrants to the ultimate purchaser and each subsequent purchaser of each Yamaha motorcycle covered by this warranty with a displacement of 50cc or greater, that the vehicle is designed, built, and equipped so as to conform at the time of sale with all U.S. emissions standards applicable at the time of manufacture and that it is free from defects in materials and workmanship which would cause it not to meet these standards within the periods listed immediately below. Failures other than those resulting from defects in material or workmanship which arise solely as a result of owner abuse and/or lack of proper maintenance are not covered by this warranty.

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