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1. The shock mounts with the body up —shaft pointing down. The nitrogen fill valve can be positioned toward the rear of the motorcycle. 2. Make sure that both halves of the upper and lower bushings are in place. NOTE: Do not try to install the shock with only half of the bushings, as this will lead to poor performance and premature seal leakage. The amount of “float” in the bushing set is necessary to ensure smooth operation of the damper assembly. 3. It is easiest to install the shock when the forks are fully extended, however the shock can be installed with the bike on the kick stand. 4. Insert the body eye into the mounting channel on the fork crown. Rotate the shock down into the lower channel. NOTE: A thread locking compound such as Red Loctite 262 or other similar product should be used on the shock fasteners. 5. Install the upper mounting stud and nuts, finger tight. 6. Push the shaft up far enough to insert the lower mounting stud and nuts. This will take a little effort because of the gas pressure in the shock. 7. Torque the upper and lower shock mount nuts to 22 ft. lb.